Martin Wattenberg

I co-lead Google’s PAIR (People + AI Research) initiative and the Big Pictureteam. My work at Google, with long-time collaborator Fernanda Viégas, currently focuses on making AI technology broadly accessible and reflective of human values. My team, Fernanda, and I have also created end-user visualizations for products such as Search, YouTube, and Google Analytics.
Before joining Google, Fernanda and I founded Flowing Media, Inc., a visualization studio focused on media and consumer-oriented projects. Prior to Flowing Media, we led IBM’s Visual Communication Lab, which created the ground-breaking public visualization platform Many Eyes. I came to IBM from Dow Jones, where I was the Director of Research and Development at My work there included some of the earliest pieces of interactive journalism.
I’m known for visualization-based artwork, which has been exhibited in venues such as the London Institute of Contemporary Arts, the Whitney Museum of American Art, and the New York Museum of Modern Art.
I have a Ph.D. in mathematics from U.C. Berkeley, focusing on dynamical systems.